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Summary of what your exciting Tour includes.

The following is just a short summary of what your Tour will include:

  • Coach Transport to and from hotel and all AFA events
  • Accommodations at the internationally rated 4/5 star hotels
  • 24 hour hospitality and guidance from our American and foreign staffs, who will escort you from New York City
  • 3 Large Socials specific invitation, fully catered, (complimentary interpreters provided at all Socials)
  • New Applicant interviews (your opportunity to meet women before they enter the catalog or the Internet service!)
  • Unlimited Personal introductions to the 1,000ís of available women profiled in our AFA office catalogs from 9am till 8pm
  • Daily in-house complimentary interpreting services located in the hospitality room from 9am till 8pm
  • City tour
  • Area Walking Tour
  • Breakfast
  • Three months Platinum Membership
  • Publication "The Foreign Bride Travel Guide" ($25 value)
  • Fiancée visa kit (for U.S. residents only) DO IT YOURSELF FIANCÉE VISA PACKAGE ($89.50 value) authored by immigration attorney Ms. JONES
  • Invitations on your behalf extended to any women profiled on our service whom you would like to meet at the Socials
  • Click here to reserve your spot on what is sure to be one of the most rewarding and exciting adventures you have ever embarked on!

Costa-Rica Women

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